- September 13, 2016

High-performance starts with the right components

Configuring a data center to custom fit an organization requires the right combination of many elements: software and hardware, storage and data protection, technology and expertise. Because of our wide-range of experience, we can quickly zero in on your specific data center needs.

TechProf has done it all—from re-platforming the world’s most sophisticated companies off of legacy systems to building a high performing infrastructure used to create special FX for Hollywood blockbusters. Through our decades of experience, we’ve amassed the know-how necessary to cater to the needs of any organization. We’ve also developed deep partnerships with industry leaders, so we can leverage the right technology and optimize your success.



Higher performance, lower cost

When servers sit idle, costs, rather than revenue, start to rise. Workload allocation significantly increases data center utilization and eliminates the need to purchase servers that perform separate functions. As a VMware Premier Partner, the most trusted virtualization platform in the industry, TechProf has more exceptional experience with virtualization. Our experts are also skilled in Linux KVM and Hyper-V, and can find the best ways to improve your efficiency and performance while reducing the cost of running your data center.



Powerfully connected

Demands on the network are accelerating as quickly as the data center. The ability of the network to handle the extra workload can make or break the performance of your data center. Our experts have extensive experience working with network providers, understand the nuances of SDN and NFV—and have the expertise to ensure the highest performance and reliability from your data center networking.



Inner strength of infrastructure

No matter how much technology changes, the server remains at the heart of the data center—although it’s certainly evolved. Today’s server is more streamlined, more powerful, and more multipurpose than ever before. Our years of ongoing engagement across a wide range of data center projects have given us a wide range of expertise in leveraging the latest server technology– ensuring ultimate performance, energy cost reductions, and security down to bare metal.



Big data solutions with big results

Exponential data growth has increased the need for storage space. But to find meaningful insights that drive business value, organizations must be able to access data fast and efficiently. TechProf leads the industry in providing storage solutions that scale to fit any size of enterprise, while allowing organizations to quickly get to data that matters most. For years, customers have counted Prof for their data storage and return time and time again as their needs evolve and increase exponentially.



Security and resiliency

Without business-critical data, there’d be no need for data centers. Clearly, data is an asset that needs vigilant and ingenious protection in the face of a myriad of threats. TechProf risk management experts are uniquely skilled in providing data center protection, and have developed innovative ways to ensure that our clients’ data remains safe. And of equal importance–since every organization will confront a possible data breach at some point–we can ensure the resiliency and continuity of your data center performance.