- September 12, 2016

Optimize your knowledge

Data-driven decision-making can lead to dramatic improvements everywhere from customer engagement to supply chain efficiency, and C-level decisions to on-the-ground execution. And application performance is just as important, ensuring that organizations can act rapidly as well as knowledgeably.

But the challenge comes in the details. How can the organization bring together structured and unstructured data, let alone across diverse business units and platforms? How can you be ensured you’re complying with industry regulations? And what about scaling applications right at the moment it’s needed, while also controlling costs? That’s where TechProf comes in.



Big data done right

Big data is about creating vision. It requires serious under-the-hood experience to see customer needs that the competition doesn’t, and turn data mountains into clear business insight. We have that expertise in spades. We help organizations derive value from massive data sets, using the most disruptive technologies—in-memory processing to Hadoop, column store databases and machine learning—giving management the confidence to make the right decisions.

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  • Hadoop
  • Pivotal Big Data Suite



Lightning speed and ironclad secure.

The better your applications perform, the more they contribute to your organization’s success. And the more quickly you can build, deploy, and scale new applications, the greater your competitive advantage will be. Trch prof helps companies of all sizes and types achieve optimal application performance—and at the same time, make sure that the data they hold is highly secure and compliant.