- February 18, 2017

The Tools For Success - Overcome Big Data challenges.

A data-driven organisation has many competitive advantages in areas like value, finance, insight and growth. In this section we outline four key ways that Big Data can assist your business goals.

Big Data Creates Value

Businesses across the world are using Big Data to learn about their audience, improve their systems and launch new products. Are you? Over 90% of all the data in the world was created in the last two years, understanding that data is vital if you want to create consumer, business and brand value.

Big Data Can Save Your Business Money

The cost of storing and processing multiple streams of data is becoming increasingly expensive. A Big Data solution creates a reservoir of data rather than a number of separate pools, and doing can reduce business IT costs by as much as 80%. Rather than costing money to implement, Big Data costs only when you ignore it.

Big Data Can Inform Your Decisions

A reservoir approach to data can also provide businesses with almost real-time information about their markets, customers and products. Instead of costly reporting procedures and substantial time delays, a Big Data solution can keep your business updated with rapid and reliable insights that capture the whole picture, not just part.

Big Data Can Scale With You

The TechProf approach is personal and flexible, which means we can design and deliver a solution that fits your today and your tomorrow, whatever that may look like. Our highly-skilled team operate from a Centre of Excellence and have established themselves as a trusted resource to some of the fastest growing businesses around the world.


Data Lake ? How it works

By unifying hyper scale storage and processing under a single management framework and a set of system resources, Big Data delivers the scalability, versatility and agility required for modern data lake. Ingest, store, process, explore and analyze data of any type or quantity without moving it between multiple specialized systems.