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Your personal information
This website is administered by TechProf Private Limited for the sole purpose of informing visitors about the company and its offerings. However, we collect certain information from your visit to this website, so as to analyse and understand your experiences while navigating through the website. Any information gathered from your visit to this website, either directly through the forms, or indirectly through the website’s technology will not be disclosed to third parties.

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In the event that you have supplied us with your personal information like email ids, phone numbers, etc, our webmaster might categorise it as information for our Marketing teams. This means our Marketing databases are updated with your information. Unless otherwise explicitly requested, our marketing teams may occasionally contact you with information pertaining to our services/offerings in the form of e-mailers, phone calls, fax, etc.

Protecting your rights
If you do not wish to be contacted with such information, please write to info [at] TechProf stating your objections and preferences, if any. Even otherwise, if you wish to give feedback about our website or have faced trouble with any aspect of our website, please feel free to write to us at the above mentioned email id. We assure you that your information is safely used and your concerns are amicably resolved.

Our endeavour with this website is to enrich you with information about our company and its services, and while doing so improve your online experience.