A team of creative catalysts

Our people don’t blindly follow the expected script or give rote answers. They look at each problem with fresh eyes and unwavering energy, which results in some of the most unexpected and effective thinking in the industry. So, it’s no surprise that our experts regularly get called upon by our industry peers for insight.


Unexpected thinking in action

Unexpected and brilliant thinking resulted in NetApp recognizing TechProf as the Flexpod West Partner of the Year. In addition to this award, a number of our top engineers were recognized for their outstanding achievements and innovative solutions.




Better questions lead to better answers

A highlight of working with us is the whiteboard session. It’s where our people achieve deep understanding of client needs—by asking question after question, ensuring we fully understand the situation. The result of all this exploration is better answers—the right expertise, the best technology, the most effective solutions. This results in our clients achieving more clarity for better decision-making.


A sample of better answers

TechProf and one of the world’s largest systems integrator were both in initial discussions with a large multinational company. Despite the fact that the competitor was many times our size and had widespread name recognition, we won the account. Why? Because we asked meaningful questions, analyzed the data, and took the time necessary to assess the situation thoroughly. In fact, even in those initial discussions, we were able to discover new information that even the client hadn’t been aware of.



Moving from chaos to clarity

Many of our clients’ challenges are complex. They often involve connecting incompatible technologies, evolving security requirements, and myriad software and hardware components, from legacy to the latest breakthrough. But with our experience across so many of these challenges, we understand how to see the core challenge in its simplest terms—and, as a result, provide the most efficient, effective solutions.



Even our partnerships are unique

All systems integrators rely on relationships with vendors and providers. But we go beyond reliance to long-term, mutual relationships. We often are called upon to speak at our partners’ conferences—and in many cases, have the same level understanding of their offerings as their own engineers. This makes us light years beyond a reseller.

Our Delivery Model

Agile delivery Model to some of our key Clients:


With TechProf as partner, organizations achieve their business and technical objectives, and often exceed them. The credit for this success goes to the extraordinary people who work for us. Across a wide variety of technologies and disciplines, we provide uncommonly bold and effective thinking. This has led to significant industry accolades and recognition. But more importantly, it’s how we ensure consistently outstanding customer satisfaction.

TechProf is no ordinary systems integrator. We think, work, and act far differently from the average, with a relentless drive to deliver the very highest levels of technology and business value. The result is success for a huge variety of clients, from multi-national to start up, across nearly every industry.